Content marketing and avoiding failures

Internal failures:

What you should do: Have editorial calendar 6 months in advance. Writers upload and send to editorial QA team. Writers make edits and publish live. +everybody on same page +no delays. +no complex & delays in signoff/approval processes.

Strategic failures:

Inconsistency : brand (message), style guide (editorial standards, what will it look like, grammar, links new tab, style, images etc.), frequency (editorial calendar, outreach, standards)

What you should do: 1 sync all team to make same contents 2. What should brand message bed: usp, difference from competitors. TAGFEE. Give customers  similar experience.

Tactical failures

What content do we need, Where does the content sit in the funnel, what is good for outreach?

What you should do: have outreach team, make contents that publishers care about/address gatekeepers, what motivates gatekeepers to publish your contents?



Checklist before re-launch of website

There are just so many things one needs to remember before relaunching a website on a new platform with new page structure and design.

Content audit
– What content do you already have? Make sure to do a complete review. Find those hidden and forgotten gems.


– check backlinks. Do a 301 redirect for these.
– make sure to move highly trafficked pages from old to new and do a 301.

– any campaigns running when doing the switch?
– move landing pages/ do 301 redirects to new pages.

– SSL certificate
– DNS server
– New IP

 Test test test